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Jonathan Bridge, former Secondary Market Analyst
Find the number on the financial statement. Assume a financial statement says 4,345 in thousands. Add a comma and three zeros to the end of the number. In the example, 4,345 becomes 4,345,000.
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Ahsan Maredia, Manager - Finance & Control Department
"dollars in thousands"
Sales:  1,653
Actual amount is / read as: 1,653,000 or One million, six hundred and fifty three thousands.

Just multiply the amount with 1000.
John Kontrabecki, Have invested and developed in Silicon Valley and Poland

Add three 0’s after each number to get the correct amount.

Kindly see the sample below:

  • Example 1:
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    USD ('000)
    Research and development - 500
    This should mean USD 500,000


  • Example 2:
    USD ('000)
    Salary expense - 490,000
    This should mean USD 490,000,000

Hope it helps!

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It just means that they rounded all the figures to nearest thousand dollars and skip the last three digits for simplicity.

For example, if the actual amount is $12,345.67, it’s represented as $12. This is convenient when providing broad overview and some statements, they even show “tenth of millions” instead.

Prakash Joshi, Finance Student.

Heel Ankle Party High Closed Velvet Shoes LOSLANDIFEN Strap Pumps Orange Platform Toe Women's It’s simple :

For Example Assets value is given in thousand like this: 125, so the real value will be 125,000.

This basically means that the figures as depicted are summarised to the thousands, thus for example, 10 in the financial statements will be 10,000. Simply put, take the figure and add the three zeros after it, the three zeros representing a thousand.

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