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Importance of understanding who your customers are and what challenges they face are key issues when designing new products for independent living. In the age of technology it is easy to get carried away with loading products with limitless features and products become smaller and more complex to use. Thoughtfully Designed are taking design back to when life was simple, with easy to use functions and simplicity in use.

Thoughtfully Designed have also been working closely with their customers to better understand the challenges they face and barriers they want to overcome. Sight loss and memory loss is something that affects millions of people in the UK and as we get older we are more at risk of being affected either directly or with a loved one.

Good design becomes ever more important as we get older and products that are designed to ensure they can be used by an older generation that balance good design with simple easy to use functions, good colour contrast, speech and clear instructions are not to be underestimated. Especially were sight and memory loss are a challenge. Thoughtfully Designed are making products that look good in the home but have very practical applications and are based on supporting more independent living.
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With the age of technology many products are getting smaller and more complicated, and the team at Thoughtfully Designed are keen to make sure they take advantage of technology but develop products that are easy to use and offer clear benefits to people with sight loss and dementia. Keeping it simple and understanding their customers are crucial in designing products that can really help and provide independence.

Simple tasks around the home can be challenging and telling the time seems like the simplest that many people take for granted. However this can be challenging for people with sight and memory loss. Thoughtfully designed are developing new products that help to provide more independence and reassurance.

Men's Skate Navy Suede Camby Shoe Lakai A simple key chain with a built in clock is a great gadget, but the clever bit comes in the design element which focuses on the clarity of the speech when you press the button and having easier access to the battery compartment. There are many frustrated customers who have batteries flying all over the place with fiddly battery compartments where you need a screw driver to change the batteries. Thoughtfully designed have eliminated these frustrations by ensuring the battery compartment is easy to access and the product is easy to use.

Product code TDC001 £13.86

The button talking clock has been designed with one very large talking button, the user simply presses the button and the time is spoken in a clear English voice. The battery compartment is easy to access and telling the time couldn’t be simpler. Gone are all the fiddly buttons and in it’s place is one very large button that you press to hear the time.

TDC090 £20.70

The same design process has been incorporated into the easy to see watches with clear bold numbers on a contrasting face. The watch is slimline and looks fashionable but due to the large bold hands and numbers, it is easier to see the time than standard face watches.

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Simplicity is key and Thoughtfully Designed are passionate about developing products that look good but offer real benefits to their customers.

Watch out for more thoughtful products from our team. Call 01780 489 100 or visit the website

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